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We've been doing a little organizing 'round here . . .

Story Quilts has always worked to bring you beautiful and timeless quilt patterns that allow you to not only explore your creativity and skill, but also to tell your story through quilting. So, whether you are an animal enthusiast, a lover of the outdoors, like tradition, needlework, or are a little on the modern side we have tried to bring you patterns that will spark your imagination.

Earlier this year we began to branch to provide you with the fabric and tools you need to express yourself. So we began to add fabric and notions to 

We also decided that FREE SHIPPING would be the norm on everything on That has always been the case for our patterns, but now it applies to all fabric and notion purchases as well.

What happens if you order a sewing machine for you or as a gift . . .


But we had a little problem, our website menu was not able to keep up with all the new fabrics and notions we were adding, it was getting quite hard to find all that

(We did find him, though "Big" is an overstatement)

new stuff - almost as hard as finding Big Foot in the wilderness.

So we went to work and came up with some "user friendly" menu options.

You now have the ability to see patterns, fabrics, and notions by:


Click here for patterns by CATEGORY

Click here for patterns by SERIES


Click here to see fabric by CATEGORY

Click here to see fabric by COLLECTION

Click here to see fabric by BRAND

We are adding patterns, fabric, and notions on a weekly basis, so check back often. Are you looking for something special? or a large amount of fabric? Send us a note, we'll do what we can to get you what you need.


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