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About us

Once upon a time. . .

It was 1948, Grandma walked to a chair next to one of the open doors of the wardrobe and smoothed her hand reverently across its polished wood. She indicated a small footstool beside her chair and gestured that I should sit. Reaching over, she pulled out what I could now see was a quilt, in dark blues and white.

As Grandma unfolded the quilt, I was amazed to see the tiny squares sewn into an intriguing pattern. "This was her first. It's what got her hooked. She said it was like apple pie for the soul," Grandma began. She stared past me as if she were talking to someone else up there in that old musty attic. "Back in her day, women weren't always given the opportunity to go to school. Many couldn't read or write. And your great-grandma was no exception. But she became a magnificent storyteller.

She told her story through these quilts. She used to recite the tales to me as she tucked one of the quilts around me, pointing to this block or that fabric as it related to the story. We've got storytelling in our blood

Grandma continued, "We may never be famous like Louisa May Alcott, or E. Nesbit, or Charles Dickens, but we can spin a tale with the best of them using needle and thread instead of quill and paper, and are storytellers just the same."

In honor of the women and the stories that have lived before us, we at Story Quilts are putting together stories and quilts based on these early family treasures to share with you and hopefully stimulate your own search for your family stories was started in Beaverton, Oregon in 2000 by Betty and Vern Swearingen. After 16 years of helping quilters tell their story the time came to pass the needle.

In June of 2016, was purchased and moved to Llano, Texas.

StoryQuilts - Chapter 2 is committed to providing quilters with the very best patterns from top designers, across all quilting genres. From beginner quilters to the accomplished quilt artist, has patterns to help you create.

If you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact us at:

P.O. Box 816

Llano, Texas 78643