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Quilted Dreams to take you to the Stars

For all of time man has looked to the heavens in awe at the expanse and beauty of the planets and stars. Wondering what lies beyond earth, encapsulated in the vast darkness of the sky.

In July of 1969 brought the reality that space is now a place that can be explored, and learned about. Over the years rockets, space shuttles, and the Hubble Telescope has showed us just that the beauty and wonder of space we thought we knew, was nothing compared to what is really up there.

Space fabric, quilting, space ship, planets, children

Today, we stand on the launch pad of a new generation of space explorers that were inspired by the pioneers of the past. Soon trips to space will be common place, and we see, touch and experience things that have been inconceivable in the past.

Our next generation of astronauts and space travelers are now entering the toddleing around and entering into the early stages of their education, but they can't help but to keep setting their sights on the stars.

Space fabric, quilting, sewing, rocket ship, planets, unicorn

Help your little ones to dream the big dreams with the Midnight collection from Dear Stella. These fun fabrics with planets, stars, rockets, and even Space Unicorns will inspire many a dream of space travel. Maybe, just maybe those dreams will take them to the stars when they get older.

Click here to see the whole collection.

or click on the images below for the individual fabrics.

Dear Stella, Midnight, space, unicorns, planets Quilt fabricquilt fabric, space, planets, stars, moon, dear stella

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