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Fun, Easy, and Quick - Just what we needed

Beginner pattern easy pattern Learn to sew Sewing Pattern Book

Every once in a while you need a project that gives some instant gratification. If you are like us, sometimes it feels like no matter how hard and long you work little progress is being made on a project. Life, unexpected visitors, and the chickens being attacked by raccoons and foxes create interruptions that make it feel like you have embarked on the never to be finished project.

We got to that point and were looking for something quick, easy and fun to do. A project to recharge that creative energy, to help us on the homestretch of some new patterns we are working on. And we found our inspiration in a book that just arrived at Story Quilts, Learn to Sew by Emma Hardy

This is a great book for beginners, and quilters like us, who just needed a quick win. As we looked through the pages of options we settled on ironing board covers, cause there was actually some comments around here that the ironing boards were looking a little battle worn.

Sew we hit the fabric shelves to find something that would make our ironing boards have some zing. We settled on Tuxedo Spin by Timeless Treasures for our antique workhorse ironing board. We love the retro feel of this design.

Inspired, we turned our sights to our table top ironing board to see what we could do to brighten that up a bit. For this project we chose Rainbow Gradation by Robert Kaufman. This will make ironing out those seams so much more fun.

Finally, since we had some time left we thought we'd get a jump on Christmas.

Learn to Sew by Emma Hardy did what we needed it to, let us create some fun, quick and easy projects in an afternoon. This book would be a great gift for a new sewer, or for a friend. Check it out today! and don't forget free shipping.

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