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Introducing Aurifil's Color Builders

Aurifil Color Builders Thread

We quilters are all about color.


It is the reason we can spend hours choosing fabrics and threads. Slight changes in our choice of color can change the whole feel of a quilt.

That's the challenge, right?

Finding the right color, in the right shade, that will capture and express exactly what we want.

Aurifill has just come out with a way that helps make thread selection a little easier.

Aurifil Color Builders, a capsule of twelve curated mini-collections inspired by (and named after) Italy’s most vibrant and colorful destinations. Each collection contains three large spools of 50wt thread — a warm, a medium, and a dark — within the location’s primary color palette.

Here's what they say about this great new line:

From the lemon groves of Sicily to the pink sand beaches of Sardinia to the clear teal waters of Capri to the stark city grey of Milan… each collection is crafted to evoke images of our beloved Italian landscape. The colors were selected not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for their practicality in every day use. Quilters, sewists, and makers will appreciate the Color Builder collections for their beauty and for their utility.

Check out all 12 of the mini collections by clicking here and be inspired!

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