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Life is like a box of fabric . . .

Batik Fabric Panel Print Sampler Box Special

If you're like us it is impossible to turn down a sampler box of chocolates. The mystery of not knowing what delight the next bite will bring adds to the enjoyment. Is it going to be a smooth caramel, a fluffy truffle, or the sweet taste of raspberry? That we may not know, but what we do know it is going to be good.

We have been working to bring that experience to quilters. And I think we're onto something. We have created a special Fabric Sampler box that gives you twice the enjoyment of a box of chocolates and literally none of the calories.

Each box contains 10 GENEROUS yards of salesman samples of high quality quilt fabric from designers and companies you know and love. These pieces range from 5" squares to panel sized and include a random assortment of prints, solids, batiks, and no more than one panel. This is a true stash building box of fabric goodness. And remember no two are alike! (Check out the picture for an idea of what's included)

But we thought as great as that is we need to go one better. So, taking a cue from Cracker Jacks we will be including not one, but two prizes inside. One is a treat, and one is a sweet. To top it off Shipping is Free.

There are a limited supply of these so hurry and order today.

Click here to learn more!

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