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Fabric Sampler - 10 generous yards of fabric  Fabric -

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Fabric Sampler - 10 generous yards of fabric

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In 1994, Forest Gump uttered the now famous words, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get." As quilters I believe we have a better way to say it, "Life is like a box of fabric, no matter what you get it can become part of something beautiful."

It is in that spirit that we created the Fabric Sampler Box. In it you will find 10 Generous Yards of salesman samples of an assortment of high quality quilt fabrics that could include prints, solids, batiks and panels. The sample fabric sizes range from 5" squares to full size panels. (though there will never be more than one panel per box). No two boxes are the same - ever!  Remember getting the prize in Cracker Jack's, well the box includes a  little quilting surprise too. 

To top it off Priority Mail Shipping is Free.

Check out the image above to see a sample of what's included.


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