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Chicken Parts and Pieces

Out on our Ranchita we have a collection of animals that we enjoy spending time with. However there is one group that for some reason I find particularly fun to be around, and that would be our chickens. Aside from their individual personalities and general inquisitiveness there is nothing funnier than watching them run across the field after a bug, each other, or no apparent reason.

Perhaps it is that as I have aged I appreciate the mental state and mechanics that they are putting into play as they run. They seem to know how they should look when they run, so they do their best to mimic that mental image. Then they churn their legs like a poultry version of Usain Bolt, only to find themselves in this kinda of run waddle, that while intense, only is good for a few moments. Then they stop and pretend like that's where they were running to, instead of admitting that's as far as they can go in one burst.

In honor of our beloved chickens we are offering a special limited time offer on a kit we like to call Chicken Parts and Pieces.  And while you get a copy of our Jana's Chicken Pattern with the kit, there are ample fabrics for a flock to fill any quilt. In addition to the chicken parts you'll get a chicken wire print to help finish out the coop. 

Click here to see the kit and remember it's a limited availability offer so don't wait.

General Sam, a stray who just showed up a couple years ago and took over the place

A couple of ladies who strive to thwart the General's overtures.



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