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Introducing Fusamat the no-stick, no-slide, no-mess appliqué mat that makes quilting easy

Imagine if there was an appliqué mat like no other you’ve used before - No fusible will ever stick to it, or your iron again… Iron directly onto it and peel your pieces off with fusible stuck to your fabric ONLY!

Here are some of the features of these mats:

  • The Fusamat is designed to be slightly tacky so that your pieces stay in place without slipping and your mat does not move on your ironing surface

  • It means you can break your applique into smaller units that are easier to manage because you now have very good accuracy of placement since the mat is transparent.

  • Because there is no migration of the fusible it stays put on the fabric and does not exhaust the fusible so can be heated again and again.

    These mats prevent fusible yuck from getting on your iron - not a fun cleaning job, and nothing sticks to them either, so no mat clean up. (Except a quick rinse to get off loose threads and such) They are also clear, so placement of pieces is easy, even on multiple pieced applique's like flower petals and landscape quilts.

    And, if your quilt studio, or quilting space, is anything like ours the last thing we need is another something that needs to be stored flat to keep its shape. These mats are foldable, bendable, and can be scrunched to fit where ever. They bounce back to shape and are ready to use, from where ever you store them.

    Pick one for the road with you and one for home!