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Creative Grids Rulers

Creative Grids Ruler


Creative Grids® is the most diverse ruler line in the world. Their trademark grip and accurate markings are why they are the top ruler manufacturer in the industry.

Here are some of the Creative Grids advantages:

Fine Black and White Markings

The black and white markings are easy to read when the ruler is placed on both dark and light fabrics. Follow the numbers in the white circles when cutting whole inches and the numbers in the black circles when cutting half inch increments. Use the ¼” dashed line along two sides of the ruler to trim seam allowances.

Non-Slip Embedded Gripper

Creative Grids® unique grip is why these rulers are the best on the market. It’s the secret to cutting fabric with ease and accuracy. The grip slides easily over the fabric while positioning the ruler but stays in place as soon as pressure is applied.

Centering Lines

The square and rectangle rulers have white horizontal and vertical lines that cross to designate the center of each ruler. Use these markings to square up and trim an appliquéd or embroidered block. Or, center and fussy cut a design or stripe for a sashing or border.

Check out the "HOW TO" videos on the product pages.