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Move over adult coloring books!

So, our in house designer comes in from her studio the other day with this fun and beautiful panel.  It looked really familiar. It was in fact a colorized version of our Redwork pattern - Easter Morn.

I asked her about it, and she told me everybody loves the new adult coloring books. The only problem is that once you color the picture it just sits there in a book. Being a quilter that kind of time, energy and creativity must have a quilting counter part. So, she transferred one of our Redwork Patterns to a piece of fabric and got to work with some Tsukineko Inks (ask your local quilt shop about these great inks).

I grabbed the camera and here is the result (forgive the picture it was a quick click). . . a center panel that is fun and full color. Be sure and check out all our Redwork, Bluework and Embroidery Patterns here. Or click the Stitchery Collection on the left menu.

 Tsukineko Ink, Redwork, Bluework, Patterns Coloring

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