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NEW Boot Stocking patterns coming soon!

T'was the night before Christmas and all of the cowboys were in a hurry to get ready for a visit from Santa.  The only problem was that when they took off their boots the socks that they were going to hang by the fire had holes big enough to drive cattle through.

Boot Christmas stockings, Cowboys Christmas Eve

There was no way Santa would be able to fill those.  And if he did, the goodies would all fall out and the critters would get it. Thus was born the cowboy tradition of setting out boots by the fire on Christmas Eve, in hopes that Santa would come and fill them with beef jerky, new gloves, salt pork, and sweets.

To keep the tradition alive will be releasing six Boot Stocking patterns by designer Vicky Herberger in the coming weeks.  Here is the first look at what's in store.

Cactus Boot

Cactus Boot Stocking, Christmas stocking

Holly Boot

Christmas Stocking Pattern, Holly Boot Stocking Pattern

Texas Boot - Because . . . Texas

Christmas Stocking Pattern, Texas Boot Stocking Pattern

Star Boot

Christmas Stocking Pattern, Star Boot Stocking Pattern

Denim Boot

Christmas Stocking Pattern, Denim Boot Stocking Pattern


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