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Creative Grids Bowl Cozy Template Set with Batting

Creative Grids

Creative Grids Bowl Cozy Template Set with Batting

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Creative Grids Bowl Cozy Template Set and Pellon Wrap and Zap

One of their the all-time favorite Creative Grids template, the bowl cozies. This nested set includes both sizes of bowls. Just two squares of batting and two squares of fabric make one cozy. Simply fold the fabric in quarters and rotary cut around the template. It doesn't get any easier than that! A complete set of instructions is included with the templates. A visual learner? Scan the QR code on each template to watch a video demonstration.

Note: Since the finished product is intended to be used in a microwave, you MUST use 100% cotton thread, batting and non-metallic fabric.

Pellon Wrap and Zap

Pellon Wrap and Zap is a microwave safe product.

Wrap-N-Zap is made of 100% Cotton fibers without any additives. It is not fire retardant or flame proof. For this reason, we suggest cooking in 1 minute intervals for a maximum of 8 minutes. Never leave the microwave unattended. Do not use in a Convection/Microwave oven.

  • Made of: 100% Cotton
  • Does not Contain Scrim
  • Loft: Low
  • 45" X 1 yard


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