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Bunny Hint

August's Bunny Hint

Some say our riddles are cheesy, while others they make somewhat queasy
So, Shop Hoppers get ready, for the rhyme will be steady,
And the answer with thought is quite easy

Quilters are a mysterious bunch, they'll quilt all the day - but lunch
Geometry their trade, their works never fray
And they travel to shops on a hunch

From circles to triangles and hexes, some designs are made to perplex us
We make them with gadgets, with thread and some fabric,
Creating a beautiful nexus

Now the bunny this month will be found, on a page with a pattern unround
It has ties to his past, the job he had last,
where he was pulled from a hat to astound.

Set aside your piecing convention, for it's a quilt in the third dimension
Don't get lost in the magic for that would be tragic,
Cause the Shop Hop does not give extensions