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Bunny Hint

June Bunny Hint

June is now here, the Shop Hop's begun
We hope that you are having a quilt load of fun

Since you are here we thought we would ask
If you would help us with one little task

Our mail room a mess, as busy as could be
We needed some help, o golly gee!

Then there in the door like a scene from out west
She stood with a hat and a blue tin dress

I'll fix this situation she said with a smile
It won't take long, not even a while

With a gun at her side, and spurs that go clink
The mailroom was cleared, as quick as a blink

She stands there daily with her lasso in hand
To make sure our patterns are sent across the land

There is but one problem, and no one's to blame
Our newest employee hasn't a name

The bunny is found where your suggestions we are taking
This is truth, why would we be faking

If you send us a name for our new mail sorter
We'll send  a coupon for 15% off your order

And if your name is the one that we choose
You'll get a $25 gift certificate, so there's nothing to lose

Look for the lady with a mailbox and hat
You'll find the bunny, and that will be that