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The (precious) boys and girls of summer

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Perhaps Ella Fitzgerald and Louie Armstrong said it best, "Summertime, and the livin' is easy Fish are jumpin' and the cotton is high."

There is something special about summer time, a relaxness and playfulness that seems to fade with the summer sun.

Tamison Designs captures this feeling with two delightful projects: Old Fashioned Girls and Big Bad Boy Brothers.


With their fashionable hats and bonnets these adorable young ladies are dressed for a day of summer fun. Whether it’s picking flowers in the field, going to town, or heading out to the rodeo grounds they are looking their best. This quilt finished 54" X 61-1/2" Plus, there are instructions for a cute as pie cowgirl wall hanging.

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Big Bad Boy Brothers

As the sun rises in the east, four little cowpokes pull up their boots and scrunch down their hats for a day of adventure. Whether it is wrangling frogs from the pond, poking sticks in holes, or chasing the chickens, these hands on the 4B ranch are ready to get down and dirty. Finishes approx: 36" X 48"

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Here's a taste of Ella and Satchmo:


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