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Super Sale

This is a Super Sale that you can't pass up. Just $51 plus $9.00 shipping for 51 Fat Quarters. NOW THAT"S SUPER!

Everyone has a sale going on this weekend to celebrate the big game on Sunday. But really, how many bags of chips, buckets of dip, and liters of pop can a person drink. To top it off come Monday morning all you have are extra pounds, empty bags, and a mess.

That is why we came up with a way to REALLY celebrate 51 years of football championships. 51 Fat Quarters, now we're talking.

These 51 Fat Quarters are a random selection from our collection.  Most of the fabrics are blenders, with some novelties included. To top it off there will be no duplicates in the set of 51.

Supplies are limited, so don't wait to order your Super assortment today!

(Offer not available to customers outside of the United States)